“Bettina is a magician in the kitchen. Every day she conjures an amazing array of different flavours.”

Join me for a 7-day retreat and experience the wonders of Bali...

With over 7 years’ experience as a retreat chef – retreats truly are my bread and butter, and my Bali one is like that freshly baked loaf you just can’t help steal pieces from. I have created this retreat, which runs for 7 days, to not only allow you to explore the beauty of Ubud, Bali but also to allow you to understand and find your own inner beauty through self-care, mindfulness and nourishment.

Ubud undoubtedly has stolen a piece of my heart and I want you all to experience the same kind of love. This retreat which packs in 7 unforgettable days of food, friendship, exploration and laughter has been years in the making – taking every detail into consideration, to ensure you experience the same warmth as I do. We want you to feel at home in every way possible. The venue itself is nestled in the middle of the infamous rice fields treating you to daily insights into the local Balinese life, with giant jungle swings on the porch, multicoloured flowers lining the pavements, coy carp in the centred pond and each room having its own private pool.

2020 Dates

28th November to 5th December

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What can you expect?

Well, apart from a fully immersive food-focused retreat which has a strong plant-based nourishment intertwined throughout the week you will also impart on a transformative journey with workshops, cultivated farm visits where you can pick your own produce, simple mindfulness and breathing techniques and an abundance of cultural trips to local venues and rice paddies. Sunset yoga, fire ceremonies and traditional massages are also included as this self-care retreat address the mind, body and gut.

Bali is an island formed of a remarkable combination of clear, inspiring energy, wild vegetation, the kindest spirited people and an inclusive spiritual influence which allows us to help you discover its magic for yourself through our three key principles: nourishment, mindfulness and the art of self-care.


Sticking true to my own passions and principles – all of the food is plant-based, 100% organic and locally sourced. Utilising zero-waste and fuss-free recipes I will not only be feeding your soul and bellies with nutritionally healing food but I will also be teaching you how to re-create these dishes, and the lasting impact they have so you can recreate them at home, long after you leave.


The gut has often been referred to as our second brain, so by improving the health of our bodies – we are able to nourish our minds. When we eat better, we feel better, and in the amazing environment of our personal retreat space, we will be able to take the time to properly relax and rejuvenate our minds through simple mindfulness exercises and daily yoga sessions that can easily be implemented into your everyday routine at home. So you can take a piece of Ubud with you, wherever you go.

The Art of Self-Care

I firmly believe that before one is able to love others, one must love thyself. Throughout the week I will be guiding you through your own journey to the true art of self-care so that you may truly love yourself and the people around you. From pre-eating moments of pause, gratitude techniques and one-on-one healing sessions this retreat allows your body to connect with others and the world around it.

Take me with you

What does a typical day look like?

06.30 - The house wakes to the beautiful smell of incense by the traditional Balinese women that come to bless the house each morning and I provide local herbal teas and smoothies for everyone to enjoy on the way to their morning yoga.

07.00 - Morning yoga to awaken the body and soul and get ready for the day ahead.

08.30 - Time for breakfast – the first meal of the day always includes a delicious choice of local fruits incorporated into a delicious plant-powered meal, such as my favourite black rice coconut bowl which is topped with caramelised banana, coconut flakes and fresh coconut cream. And there is always plenty of fresh juice, hand-steeped teas and local treats to tuck into.

09.00 to 11.00 - Free time for guests to treat themselves to massages or spa treatments or just relax around their private individual pools.

11.00 - It’s time for a workshop – from gut-health talks to cooking demonstrations, there are two workshops slotted throughout the week for everyone to enjoy.

13.00 - Time for lunch – a chance for everyone to socialise and get stuck into some delicious food and even better conversation.

14.00 to 15.00 - More free time for guests to enjoy the views or just rest and renew.

15.00 - One-to-one sessions with Dewa, our resident healer who helps each guest get in touch with their inner bodies and find the balance they are craving and or Massages.

19.00 - Time for dinner – every evening has a different theme, feel and colour scheme with local flowers decorating the table and influencing the night's event – learning what each colour means and how we can use this knowledge in the future.

20.30 - Wind down. We sip on ‘sleepy time’ drinks made from golden milk infused with Bali coconut syrup, cinnamon and turmeric to help aid digestion and reduce anxiety for a truly deep and nourishing sleep. Plus, each guest receives a portion of ‘magic seeds’ a mix I have been using for years that encourages the same thing. We bask in the ambience and chat before heading to bed, ready for tomorrows adventure.

( The Retreat also includes a visit to a water temple, a fire ceremony, sound healing, a farm visit and finally a visit to Gaya Cermaics where you get to create your own plate.)

Accommodation & Prices

Deluxe Single Occupancy

£1,750 per person

This includes 7 nights’ accommodation for one person in your own villa-suite with private pool. All meals, drinks and daily activities are included. Flights are not included.

Deluxe Shared Occupancy

£1,450 per person

This includes 7 nights’ accommodation in a shared villa-suite for two with private pool. All meals, drinks and daily activities are included. Flights are not included

Standard Single Occupancy (Please Email Me - Limited Availability)

£1,550 per person

This includes 7 nights’ accommodation for one person in your own villa-suite with shared pool. All meals, drinks and daily activities are included. Flights are not included.

Take me with you

Don’t just take my word for it...

Watch this video from our attendees at the retreat in March this year who allowed me to be a part of their beautiful transformations.

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