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Posted 20-07-2016

Pasta with a twist. Zoodles are a staple in the raw kitchen and it’s one of those dishes that are a great entry into the raw-food world. I like to have mine with a warm tomato sauce, lots of fresh herbs, like basil, and my favourite nuts - macadamias.
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2-4 courgettes - depending on how much pasta you want to make
Lemon juice
Olive oil
Salt (Himalayan)
(You need a spiralizer for this)

Basic Tomato Sauce - see Basics


A spiralizer works in a way that it makes spaghetti out of pretty much any vegetable.
Best, and my personal favourite, are courgettes.
So start off by making raw courgette noodles with your spiralizer.
Put in a bowl and marinate with lemon juice, olive oil tiny pinch of salt and pepper. 
Top off with warm tomato sauce, basil, rocket and macadamia nuts. 
Serve and eat immediately!
Lots of love xx

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