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Posted 26-07-2016

Doesn't this look amazing? Pure perfection on a plate. This will impress anyone that wants a beautiful starter/appetiser, or if you just want to treat yourself to a snack!
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Nori paper - cut in half
Red/green/yellow pepper
Butter lettuce
Black sesame seeds
Micro greens
2 peaches - small cubes
Pinch of chilli flakes
Pinch of salt
1 tsp. of tamari
Red onion 1/4th very thinly sliced and cubed.
Mix all ingredients and set aside.
Pre-make your fresh chutney and set aside. Prepare all your ingredients, slice your veggies lengthways and separate your butter lettuce.
Cut your nori rolls in half and set aside ready to use, they should be rectangular shaped.
So place your half nori sheets vertically in front of you, with the short side towards you. On the left hand side corner place your butter leaf lettuce (beautiful side up) and arrange your veggies (peering out of the corner). 
Now take the right hand side corner and start rolling over towards the opposite side until you get a cone shaped wrapper.
If you have trouble closing it just dab some water and that should do the trick!
Enjoy with your peach chutney!

This great fresh tangy salsa works really well with the curry or with any of the other spicy dishes on here.
I love this I hope you do too


Cube all the ingredients and toss together! Easy right? 
Enjoy as a side with spicy curry or other dishes! Goes great with Mexican.


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