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Posted 11-07-2016

Nut-free, sugar-free, guilt-free truffles, with countless topping options that will give your taste buds a buzz. So easy, quick and great to keep in store for special occasions.

Although these usually don't last that long.
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1 cup (240 grams) of coconut oil
1/4 cup agave or honey
Pinch of salt
4-6 tbs. of very high quality cacao powder


Unlike traditional truffles I don't like melting the coconut butter and then mixing all ingredients. I prefer to mix all of the ingredients in room temperature or soft coconut butter until all are well combined.
Store in fridge until ready to roll.
Take out at least half an hour before so that the mixture has time to soften up a bit and is easier to work with. 
The truffles you see on the picture are topped off with:
-Matcha green tea powder
-Liquorice powder
-Swedish Lingon berries (dried)
What you choose is entirely up to you! after rolled and ready EAT or store in the fridge until ready to devour!

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