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Posted 22-07-2016

I LOVE this salad! It is so much nicer than the mozzarella version. When you don't eat cheese this is what you miss. The combination of clean tastes combined with creamy and salty. Say no more, lets just go ahead and make this baby!
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1 cup of macadamia (pre-soaked for 2-4 hours) (200 grams approx.)

1/2 cup of water (120 grams) or just enough to get the mix going and creamy

Pinch of salt

Pinch of pepper

2 tbs. of lemon juice

1 tbs. of nutritional yeast

(Blend all ingredients until creamy texture)


2-3 big beefy juicy tomatoes

1 cucumber finely shaved (with mandolin or with cheese grater)

1/4 red onion sliced

1-2 radishes finely sliced

Bunch of fresh basil

Basic Dressing (big batch)

1 cup of olive oil (240 grams)

2 tbs. of lemon juice

2 tbs. of apple cider vinegar

1 tsp. of Dijon mustard

1 tsp. of agave

Pinch of salt (Himalayan)

Pinch of pepper


Make your ricotta cheese and make your dressing then set aside. It’s a big batch so whatever you don't use on your salad you can keep in the fridge for other salads!

Chop and slice your veggies and arrange on a plate starting off with the tomatoes and working your way towards the other vegetables.

Click on some of the macadamia "ricotta" and dress just before serving.

Remember - make this with vegetables that are in season.

Your tomatoes and cucumbers will not taste the same in December!

Enjoy! Xx



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