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Posted 16-07-2016

So in many of the recipes I ask you to use your pre-cooked grains. My favourite grains to use are rice and buckwheat. If you are doing the Plant based week planner you will need to prepare this on Sunday to get yourself set up for your week.

The grain combo can be used for porridge, stir-fry, soups, sushi and lots more! You will see.

This is also how you get plant protein by combining (grains/rice/pulses) more on this in the blog I don't want to confuse you!
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2 cups (120 g) of buckwheat 
2 cups (120 g) of rice (wholegrain)
8 Cups of water


Pre-boil water, when the water has started boiling add the rice and the buckwheat.
Put on lower heat and cover with a lid and let the grains boil until all the water has been absorbed. Do not add salt or flavourings, you want it to have a neutral flavour so that you can use it for different dishes.
Personally I like using a rice cooker. 
Also don't worry about different cooking times for the buckwheat and rice. If one of them has a little bite that just adds texture, well that is my personal opinion!
Set your mix aside and let it cool off, keep in an airtight container in the fridge until you need to use it! I like using glass containers. Again that is just personal preference.

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