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Posted 16-01-2018

I joined forces with @VegaTeam_UK and ‘putting one tub to the test’ during the month of January by including a scoop of their goodness powder in my morning routine.

I am usually not into powders and but @VegaTeam_UK include 16 different vitamins and minerals and the ingredients here are all plant based made from peas, green algae and blend of real fruits and vegetables. Beat that?!

Also I prefer adding a scoop of these guys then messing around with supplements! You can add a scoop in your smoothie, in your juice, baked goods like muffins (think I might try that next?) or like this bowl right here ladled through a porridge topped off with nut butter, a dollop of plant yogurt, berries and chopped nuts! Recipe for this quick and easy recipe is here, give it a go!
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1 cup (240 grams) of buckwheat flakes

2 cups of almond milk (500ml)

Pinch of cinnamon

Pinch of salt

Vanilla (optional)

Topping options


Almond butter

Chopped nuts

Plant Yogurt


In a pan add buckwheat flakes and almond milk, and heat up gently until it all comes together to form porridge like creamy consistency.

Lastly adding the cinnamon and pinch of salt. Once the porridge is off the heat add a scopp of Vegas Vanilla Essentials Nutritional Powder and gently mix in.

Top off your beautiful porridge with rasberries, nut butter, nuts and plant yogurt and or other fruits that you love!

This can easily be made into a bigger batch and used as a weekly meal prep breakfast dish. Can stay in the fridge for up to five days and still taste yummy! Almost like a cold rice puding.

Enjoy xx

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