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Posted 22-07-2016

This is a great recipe, one of my personal and my family’s favourite treats! Yes, there is some effort and time needed with this recipe but when it’s done it is OH so worth it.
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2 Cups (120 grams) young coconut meat

½ Cup (60 grams) cashews, soaked

1 capsule probiotics

Water if needed to blend


Blend coconut meat, cashews and water until smooth. Add in probiotic and blend until just combined.

Place into a bowl (covered by a muslin cloth), in a dehydrator at 105° Fahrenheit, for 8 to 10 hours. OR if you don't have a dehydrator- keep in warm place for 8- 10 hours or over night.

The yogurt needs to be in a warm place, but with a good airflow. Once fermented, stir well. The yogurt will develop a crust from being in the dehydrator or staying out, which is still edible. You can scrape it off if you choose, but it does stir in well. When your yogurt is ready, you can flavour it with anything you want. I love using maple syrup and vanilla!

Add and stir in.

Enjoy xx

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