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Posted 03-01-2016

This is a great spice mix that works really well with breakfast items like cereal, porridge, baked goods, cookies, etc.
 The combination of cinnamon, cardamom and clove is great for your tummy functions; it kills unwanted parasites and keeps insulin levels in check.
 Overall super SPICES!
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70% cinnamon sticks

20% cardamom pods

10% clove


I like to use whole spices as in cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods and little cloves.

You will smell the difference and taste the difference when you ground your own spice mixes! Make a big batch and keep in jar for use!

TIP: I like to use the real cinnamon from Ceylon, instead of cassia cinnamon that is grown in China and Indonesia. Here are the differences:


Taste: Real or True cinnamon is sweet and delicate where as cinnamon Cassia is strong to peppery

Color: Real cinnamon is a tan color, whereas cinnamon cassia is a reddish brown to dark brown.

Look: Cinnamon cassia bark is thicker because its outer layer isn’t stripped off. For that reason, cassia sticks curl inward from both sides toward the center as they dry. Real cinnamon sticks curl from one side only and roll up like a newspaper as shown above.

Feel: The surface of cinnamon cassia is rough and uneven, whereas real Ceylon cinnamon bark is smooth.

Usage: Real Ceylon cinnamon is perfect in sweet and subtle dishes that require a delicate flavour.

I like to ground my spices in a coffee grinder. They are cheap and definitely do a good job.

No need to go for expensive equipment here.

Grind until you get a fine powder and store in a glass jar.


Enjoy! Xx


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