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Posted 23-07-2016

I made these by accident I wanted to find a good way to use chickpea flour and make use out of a cauliflower that I had and didn't know what to do with. This is the result! Great to eat as tortillas with avocado, fresh home made salsa or just filled with your favourite vegetables.
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1 cup (120 grams) chickpea flour

1 cup of water (240 grams)

1/2 cup of pureed cauliflower

1 tsp. of salt (Himalayan)

2-3 tbs. of olive oil


Mix all ingredients together. If you can, let the batter rest for an hour at room temperature. Pour into an oiled preheated pan (I use coconut oil for this) and cook for 3 minutes on each side. Stack and keep warm by covering with a tea towel. Serve straight away and enjoy with lots of different toppings guacamole, salsa, and lots fresh vegetables.

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