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Heart Healing Retreat Bali

Heart Healing Retreat Bali 3rd - 10th of December

Sep 02

A gorgeous unspoilt destination with an award-winning Vegan Chef, Spiritual guide Mark Bajerski and outstanding Yoga by Sri Ajan. Heart Healing Retreat offered for the first time in Bali will accommodate to help you escape from the stresses of daily life. Surrounded by lush tropical jungle this beautiful Balinese Heart Healing Retreat calms and nurtures with Sri Ajans approach to Yoga for all, Bettina´s Plant based Cuisine and Mark´s incredible ability to touch far and beyond within your heart. In between your Healing enjoy customised outings to ancient temples, beautiful flower ceremonies, cooking workshops, cycling and hiking around the neighbouring mountains and rice fields before treating yourself to an indulgent spa treatment on this one of a kind Retreat. 

Ajan will teach you yoga every morning by shifting your body through ancient movements opening up chakras and healing pains through his love, compassion and understanding. He will guide you into meditation. He will gift you tools to still your mind in your ever so busy lives. His knowledge about yoga expands over the last 25 years.You do not have to be a yogi before hand to join us. Once you have practiced with him there is no other.

Bettina´s passion for food has been a lifelong romance. Her knowledge and intuition on knowing what elements to put together are what makes her food so unique. Plant Based (vegan) gluten free, refined sugar free, organic and fresh. The food at this Retreat will have specific functions through out your stay to guide and restore your bodies own amazing abilities to deal with toxins. Bettina will also throughout the week share her secrets for you to take home and continue on your health path.

Mark’s approach to how we live our lives helps us move from a place of pain, fear and confusion to start celebrating our lives and living in a more joyful, thankful and trusting way.  Mark feels deeply privileged to be able to share in the healing process of others and he is very humbled by his work – working as a channel for pure energy-healing. A natural empath and fondly referred to as the ‘Healer of Hearts’, Mark has the ability to almost instantly connect with anyone who walks into his presence. His psychic and spiritual healing abilities enable Mark to provide information to those who seek his help assisting people to clear away painful issues, understand the source of their pain and, through pure energy healing, to unblock this pain trapped as negative energy within. You will have the privilage of connecting deeply within yourself  through the love and healing that Mark offers.

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