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How did you start out in the wellness industry?
Not sure I consider myself in the wellness industry at all. I feel we’re more like the culinary link that’s been missing between doctors and us average Joes who want to follow our desires to be happy and eat whatever we want. A lot of what we do is common sense, that paired with working with all those doctors you see on Forks over Knives and What The Health while my brother and I were working for Whole Foods. We learned what it looks like from one extreme to another.

Why is Wicked Kitchen different? What makes Wicked Kitchen stand out? What’s your company mission?
Wicked Kitchen is the first full range of delicious, fresh made meals entirely free from animals that is made for people that eat animals. The first phase contains no alternative proteins, frozen foods or majorly processed substitutes, not that we’re against them, they just aren’t in the initial launch. We focus on super fresh, short shelf life, crazy good, minimally processed convenient foods ready to heat and ready to eat. These are the best I’ve ever seen in all my travels. Our mission is to lead with compassion and skill by unleashing mighty plant flavours and providing amazing meal solutions that can rival any animal based dish. Until now there has been no option for vegans or otherwise.

What's your advice for someone who wants to start a business in the wellness industry? What are your secrets to success?
Work at it, be patient, learn everything and be open. Just because you think it doesn’t mean it is right. Wellness is riddled with Ego and it shows otherwise why are not all doctors promoting what we understand is the healthiest way to eat? It sure isn’t eating animals.

What’s been your biggest challenge?
Picking up and moving to a new country that has different ingredients and availabilities than I’m used to. Jumping face first into the deep end of a mostly meat eating based culture and being labeled and judged because I’m the one that doesn’t want or need to use animal products, like I’m the strange one. It keeps me on my toes.

What’s been your proudest moment or greatest achievement?
I used to live and cook in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Upstate NY for 3 years. Completing my first of 5, 30-day silent retreats was pretty satisfying.

What inspires you or spurs you on?
Being of benefit to people and animals. If what I have learned or any skill I know can help people feel better, save a life or inspire someone else to want to be of benefit to others then it’s a win.

What can’t you live without?
Literally my breath, relatively I’d go with mushrooms and sleep, I do love me some good sleep.

How do you find balance? How do you relax?
Sitting and practicing what I learned when I lived in the Monastery and the gym. I really enjoy going to the gym a lot lately and I’m thriving there. Cooking is also my go to stress relief, you know that saying about dancing when no one is watching, well, I apply that cooking. It’s when I am most creative.

How would you change the world if you could? What’s your greatest ethical concern at the moment?
Every being suffers and I’d like to alleviate that suffering. Knowing what it feels like to be destroyed and suffering is not something I wish on anyone and we don’t need to be killing anything in order for us to survive and thrive in todays world.

Do you have a mantra you live by?
“All the suffering there is in this world arises from wishing our self to be happy. All the happiness there is in this world arises from wishing others to be happy.”

What does the future hold for Wicked Kitchen?
We’re just getting started. I’m happy to be out in the open now with the work we’ve done, however, it’s back to the kitchen now to finish the other projects we’ve been working on. The Wicked Healthy Cookbook releases this May 2018, the launch of Goodcatch another project my brother and I have been working on is due to launch this summer and my personal mission to make mushrooms the go to animal alternative is high priority.

What makes you happy?
Working and being of benefit to others and having the awareness of knowing I am not my thoughts. With all the crazy shit going on in the world my biggest adversaries aren’t outside of me they’re inside and as long as I am aware of that I am good to go.

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