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Go cook range with Tesco

RRP: My top picks and how it works!

I have had the lovely opportunity to try out Tesco ́s new Go Cook range! It includes some amazing good quality cooking tools that makes being in the kitchen so much more fun.

I am excited to get on board and share it with all of you! I spend allot of money on kitchen gadgets and when I found out that a Go Cook collection exclusive for Tesco is coming out it got me excited. What more is that the quality does not disappoint!

I am going to demonstrate what kitchenware I would invest in to create my favourite recipes and my staple and favourite food the “avocado on toast” that I have become synonymous with! You might think this recipe is too simple, but trust me having the right kitchen utensils makes it so much easier and the results even better!

Easy simple and fuss free is the motto here!

Creating Recipes with ease

The first kitchen tool I would choose to go with is a good quality knife. Being in the industry that I am in and also just being a house cook there is a vast difference between a good quality knife and a blunt one. There is

nothing worse than struggling to cut veggies. With the slick walnut handle and the Japanese blade the Damascus knife hits the spot. It is also incredibly well priced considering the craftsmanship that has gone into it. Beautiful and practical and a new favourite in my kitchen.

Making Food look great and saving valuable time

For those of you who have been following me you will know that I like to save on time but think its equally important that food looks great! So I made use of the new Go Cook collection by adding the melon baller and avocado slicer that will take my avocado skills to the next level! and also save me precious time. I am going to share with you my gluten free bread recipe that I use on a weekly basis along with my favourite chickpea hummus that all comes together in the shape of the best avocado on toast you have ever had!

The best thing of all is that I have the right kitchen tools to put it all together. The amazing knife that cuts the perfect bread slices to the avocado slicer and melon baller that saves me time but produces perfect results in uniformly cut veggies in this case my favourite, the avocado!

Simple Gluten free Bread Recipe


2 cups (300 grams) of buckwheat flour 1 1/2 cup (200 grams) of corn flour 1/2 cup (60 grams) of rice flour
1 tbs. of bicarbonate of soda

1 pinch salt
1 small grated apple
2-3 cups (500-600 ml) of water


Your oven needs to be set on (180°C) Start by mixing all your dry ingredients first, then add water and your grated apple. Remember you will

be using flours from various countries that have been milled in different ways and all of them differentiate in absorption. This means you might have to add water to your mixture. If you look at the cooking video on the blog, you will see that the consistency needs to be like a thick porridge or cake batter.

And the most important thing here is the mix between that pinch of salt, bicarbonate of soda and the sweet.

1 tbsp tahini (sesame seed paste) 6 tbsp water
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp sumac


Drain the chickpeas and rinse. Reserve a few whole chick peas for serving. Combine the chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, sumac, salt, tahini, and water in a food processor, and blend to a creamy purée.
Add more lemon juice, garlic, sumac or salt to taste. Turn out into a dinner plate, and make smooth with the back of a spoon. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and scatter with the reserved chickpeas.

Sprinkle with sumac and or pine nuts and set aside until needed.

Invest cleverly!

Tesco’s Go Cook range looks great, is of very high quality and best of all it is very affordable! The range contains everything you need to cook practically and with ease. Start with the essentials and quickly build up a great kitchen base!

I have been really impressed and pleasantly surprised by the standard of Tesco’s Go Cook range, my favourite has definitely been the knife as it is something that is usually very expensive. But in this case you can feel the craftsmanship that has gone into the product. Weather you are a home cook or a professional I think the Go cook range has something for everyone. The best thing of all is that I think more family members will be inspired to get involved in the kitchen!

I highly suggest you go an have a loo at the whole range and make food prepping fun again!

Have a look here!

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