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“Mighty Plant Flavours Unleashed”

RRP: For Tesco

Listen up UK! Tesco has released a new plant based range called #wickedkitchen in collaboration with Derek Sarno, this is truly amazing! Everyone nationwide will have access to a fully plant based range that is creative, tasty affordable and yummy! Allot of hard work has gone into this as well as passion. Have tried several dishes 20 different ones! ( 20! I know right? )

People usually look at plant based foods and think falafel, hummus or beans. Well brace yourselves for a flavour combo that will blow your mind! In

Dereks words;

“Mighty Plant Flavours Unleashed”

The meals are easy on the eye and are foods that anybody can recognise, good and hearty with lots of flavour twists. Even if you are not a “vegan” these meals are a great addition to anyones repertoire. For the first there will be affordable, good quality, hearty, and plant based meals available nationwide. The fact that you will be able to pop into any Tesco and grab a well prepared and creative Plant based meal is amazing!
Having met Derek on several occasions I know for sure how much hard work has gone into this amazing range. The range contains wraps, salad bowls, curries and pizzas - Can you believe it?

Its amazing that a big chain like Tesco has taken the leap into providing affordable, delicious, fresh fast food! I love all the flavour combinations, the range itself and the fact that you have so many dishes to choose from.

Its difficult to choose but I have picked my top five dishes and explained why:

Wicked kitchen Gunpowder Potato Ghana - Who doesn't love a curry? especially when its as flavourful as this? The potatoes make it creamy and all the spices marry really well together making this a perfect meal in on a busy week day.

Wicked Kitchen BBQ Beans and Mash - I think the biggest misconception with Plant based foods is that they are not comforting. this range begs to differ. Just like this amazing heart mash and bean dish. Flavour combinations are on point and comfort level of meal is way past any expectations!

Wicked Kitchen Muay Thai Curry - Being a sucker for spicy food this is a winner. Also loving the noodles in this dish as well as the use of vegetables. It is so refreshing that this type of food is now available nationwide giving so many the opportunity of trying something new.

Wicked Naked Burrito - This is amazing! love the fact that the meat replacement is made using mushrooms - such a great idea. especially since mushrooms have a way of soaking up lots of flavour. This is an exciting meal that will not disappoint.

Wicked Kitchen Rainbow Curry Bowl - Finally a salad that is far from boring, containing lots of colourful veggies! I Love everything about this and so will you when you try it!

I am excited about what the future holds! Everything I have tried from this range has exceeded my expectation. When you take everything into consideration, price, taste and look of the range it has it all. I highly recommend you go to your nearest Tesco and give Wicked Kitchen a go! you will be pleasantly surprised!

Go Have a Look!!! Here! @tescofood Tesco #ad

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