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Food love stories, brought to you by tesco - vegan going mainstream

RRP: Easy recipes

Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco - I love how main stream Plant Based cuisine has become. As soon as I saw the Food Love Stories campaign on National television I knew Plant based had gone main stream.

I am impressed with the fact that a big super market chain is helping support customers with easily accessible vegan ingredients.

A few years a go going more veggie and sourcing ingredients was a mission. But now with so many options and possibilities - times are changing.

Behind every meal is a love a story. This month at Tesco hints and tips prove that special dishes or treats don’t need to be laden with sugar, salt or fat to be delicious.

In this Food Love Story, Derek the gourmet veg chef shares his love of vegetable-based cooking. He’s a self-confessed ‘plant-pusher’, inspired by the health benefits of eating more vegetables. But Derek the vegetable visionary creates dishes as far removed from boring as you can imagine – like these tasty BBQ-style ’shroom buns.

I am happy to support and re - create this fantastic recipe and I would recommend anyone else to give it a go.

Have a look at the recipe HERE.

I hoping that Tesco is paving the way for other big super market chains to follow suite and provide such wide variety of choice when it comes to Vegan options.




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