The Three-Minute Review – London Eatery: Arros QD!

As you know, I’m such a champion of supporting local businesses so I wanted to introduce a new series to the blog – The Three Minute Review – giving you a snippet of insight into some of the best, biggest and brightest brands, businesses and people doing something amazing in the world of food. The reason I decided to make this short and snappy, is there are so many articles and reports on the internet that go in-depth into their own specific views and thoughts on different brands and restaurants, and to me, food is personal. All of our experiences in these different places are personal. So – I wanted to just highlight some key and important factors, let you know my favourite dishes and recommendations and then leave it to you, to explore more if it piques your interest.

And to kick this series off, I wanted to introduce you to Arros QD – the incredible and innovative people bringing a little piece of traditional Valencia to the modern streets of Fitzrovia, with their reimagined rice dishes.

What: Arros QD
Where: 64 Eastcastle Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8NQ
Website: www.arrosqd.com
When: Perfect for a long-weekend-lunch or a celebratory dinner.
Why: Arros QD, founded by celebrated Spanish chef Quique Dacosta, who has already won three Michelin stars at his self-named restaurant in Spain perfectly encapsulates the winning balance and harmony between its setting, staff, décor and food. Everything has a wonderful authentically Spanish feel but with a modern and high-end touch. Their speciality comes in the form of their paella’s that they cook on a wood-fired central grill, creating the perfect atmosphere and in-dining theatre. The venue takes all the best bits of Spanish cooking culture from their traditional paella recipes to their community family-table-style menu. But, of course, Dacosta brings his own edge – creating a recipe based upon that infamous and sought-after crispy bottom of a paella dish (better known as the ‘scoarrat’) and turning it into a stand-alone dish. That dish was the one that enticed me in – but the rest of the menu also stood strong, holding rank against its super-star. Their home-made mayonnaise which gets turned into garlic-laden aioli is made with aquafaba (hello, vegan-friendly) and is in good company with a plethora of other delicious vegan and vegetarian rice and vegetable dishes. Arros QD may be on the higher end of the scale when it comes to cost – but one that is worth every penny.

Bettina’s Kitchen Dish Recommendation: It may sound simple, but it was anything but. Their tomato salad was the best I have ever had. Complex layered flavours left a lasting impression that still gets me salivating at the thought.

Arros QD is open Mon-Tues 12-2.30pm and 6-9.45; Wed-Thurs 12-2.30pm and 6-10.30pm; Fri-Sat 12-3.30pm and 6-11pm; Sun 12-4pm. You can find out more, and make a booking at the websiteHERE.

All images are credited to Arros QD.

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