The Bettina’s Kitchen Retreat Chef Academy

Are you uninspired cooking in the same kitchen day in, day out?

Do you long for the freedom and knowledge to play with culture, flavour and variety in your recipes?

Are you ready to travel around the world while getting paid to feed people?

Do you want to use your recipes to make a difference in the lives of people on transformational health and wellbeing journeys?

I finally launched The Bettina’s Kitchen Retreat Chef Academy in 2019 to teach you how to master the art of retreat cooking and implement it into a career you love.

I spent 7 formative years as a retreat chef. Cooking on retreats gave me an arena in which I could experiment with my style, working methods, and flavour profiles. Twenty four hours a day for a seven-day trip was a long time to be gifted with to discover ingredients and the ways in which what I did with those ingredients add value to someone else’s life. It’s intimate and growth-promoting and kept my feet steadily on the ground and in direct relationships with my clients and my craft. I now want to pass that onto you.

This course has been years in the making and planning and I am so proud to finally be able to offer this intensive learning experience to teach you:

  • The nuances of retreat cooking
  • How to deliver exceptional cuisine within a retreat setting
  • How to curate delicious, healthy plant-based dishes to nourish and inspire guests on their transformational journeys.
  • How to live your dream and enjoy a successful career as a retreat chef

Being a great retreat chef is about so much more than just cooking lovely meals.

The role also requires you to also be an excellent menu planner, budget-er, accountant, and contract negotiator. The best retreat chefs know how to handle stress and time management, insurance, food allergies, and demanding clients and bosses with ease. All whilst delivering memorable, balanced meals to support yoga, exercise and the overall style, and the environment in which the retreats are held.

This Course is also ideal if you would like to venture into the Plant Based and free from world. Whether you are a seasoned chef, opening up a business that focuses on Plant based or dreaming of a new career or launching a Plant based business.

Enrol onto The Bettina’s Kitchen Retreat Chef Academy to learn all of these essential practical skills, and gain invaluable creativity, motivation, and industry connections to truly develop a rewarding career as a Retreat Chef.

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What The Students Say

“Bettina has this amazing gift of packing a huge amount into a day whilst keeping things very relaxed yet super focused. I can’t believe how much I learnt in 7 days from recipe writing, menu planning for different locations and making tofu from scratch to name just a few. The course was just so much fun and the project was a fabulous challenge that has up-skilled me in many ways. I have already started incorporating new techniques and become more experimental with recipes. Bettina’s book has many amazing plant based recipes that I have been able to use and adapt to my style. Meeting other like minded foodies on the course has been an added benefit so I now have a new group of friends to call on for all matters related to plant based cooking. ​​​​​​”

Debra, September 2019

“Bettina’s Retreat Chef Academy has been one of the most fruitful things I have experienced! Feeling so grateful for all of the wisdom shared so freely and for the environment that was created for our group to gain the most out of every day. I have gained more knowledge and confidence going into the world of being a retreat chef. Such an honour to have experienced this magic! Thank you Bettina!”

Cat, September 2019

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