Meet the Makers, Beth Noy of Plastic Freedom

Hi! and Welcome, You are here as a maker and we love makers of beautiful things.

Q: Tell us a little bit about who you are.

A: I’m Beth Noy, founder of Plastic Freedom which I started to make going plastic free fun and easy for everyone! I have a warehouse in Southport near Liverpool with over 2000 plastic free products which is run by my five staff whilst I continue to grow and build Plastic Freedom from Newquay, Cornwall.

Q: What did you want to be when you were younger?

A: This changed more times than I can tell you! I wanted to be an equine therapist until I had a bad accident with a horse that left my face needing a lot of stitches, then I went through a phase of wanting to be an estate agent. When I left school I went to college for about 2 weeks before realising my heart wasn’t in any of the subjects I chose so dropped out to work for my dad’s business, Leisure Lakes Bikes, which I helped grow for 12 years!

Q: What inspired you to get into the business you are now?

A: Plastic Freedom kind of happened by accident. It was literally one day sat at my desk eating a plastic pot of hummus that made me start thinking about the damage the throw-away culture we find ourselves in could be. I started a blog and an instagram, back then called the plastic free hobbit, and when friends and family told me they would make changes if it was easy it sparked Plastic Freedom to be born as I knew I could make it super easy for everyone to make plastic free changes.

Q: What’s your elevator pitch?

A:You don’t have to change your life to live a little more eco friendly and it’s those small changes made by individuals that add up massively over time to have an incredible impact. By choosing where you spend your money you speak volumes and consumer demand is one of the most powerful things that cause waves across the world.

Q: How has the journey been – What would you change?

A: The best thing that’s ever happened to me! When you open your eyes to an issue, it can be hard to not feel the burden of it on your shoulders, but when you realise that you have the capability to have a positive impact with every single little choice you make it suddenly makes you very self aware at just how powerful you are. 

It also gives you a great appreciation of life, the planet around you and the creates on it!

Q: What food sparks joy in your life?

A: Finding things plastic free! I cook everything by buying what I can plastic free and coming up with something tasty from what I have in front of me. When I come across ingredients I haven’t been able to get plastic free before it’s so exciting!

Q: What do you wish someone would have told you before you started?

A: That I need to remember in those hard times to strip it back to basics and prioritise myself. I think we’re all guilty of getting too wrapped up in work or stuff that is bothering us and feeling stuck but when you do what makes you happy it’s incredible how everything else falls into place.

Q: What would you tell someone who is trying to make it in the sector?

A: Find your USP (unique selling point), think about what you need yourself and become your customer and don’t give up. Remember there are so many people out there fighting for change and when you feel lonely that is the thing that will keep you going, you’re one cog in a huge operation that is having an impact.

Q: What failure are you glad you experienced?

A: Feeling like I was on my own, in life, business and the fight against plastic. This gave me incredible strength to know that no matter what, I can survive and thrive on my own whilst also teaching me that I need to reach out to others for help when I need it, which has changed my life.

Q: What’s next (new) for you? 

A: I’m taking Plastic Freedom into some new areas which I don’t think has been thought about when it comes to plastic free/eco options yet (I can’t spill the beans yet)! This year I will be prioritising getting these ideas into a reality and taking some time for myself to enjoy life down in Cornwall after working so hard throughout lockdown over the past year, I really need to give myself some time to enjoy life whilst trying to have a positive impact!

To find out more, visit plasticfreedom.co.uk

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