Sweet Quinoa - Recipe from The 7 Day Vegan Challenge

From “Recipes”

This sweet quinoa is a ridiculously easy recipe, that makes a great breakfast to enjoy on a lazy Sunday like today, or to batch-cook and take-away for your morning commute. Read more...

Look beyond the dish with Gaya Ceramic

From “News”

When you look at a dish in a restaurant, cookbook or on Social Media – what do you see? Do you see the delicious and tantalising food and start salivating and wandering off with your edible thoughts? Do you ever look beyond t... Read more...

The Three-Minute Review - London Eatery: Arros QD!

From “Events”

The Three Minute Review – giving you a snippet of insight into some of the best, biggest and brightest brands, businesses and people doing something amazing in the world of food. This month's star is Arros QD – the incredible... Read more...

'Chocolate' Salami - Recipe from The 7 Day Vegan Challenge

From “Recipes”

The first time I had this chocolate salami sausage wonder was in Italy - it was slightly naughtier as it had a dash of rum in it (feel free to add a splash of your own, no judgements here). But with or without rum, this is a... Read more...

Rainbow Curry, Rice and Veggies - Recipe from The 7 Day Vegan Challenge

From “Recipes”

This rainbow curry, rice and veggies is probably my favourite meal in the book. You know it sounds silly-simple when the method is shorter than the ingredient list – and SPOILER: that’s because it is. Read more...

Quick Laksa - Recipe from The 7 Day Vegan Challenge

From “Recipes”

Oh My – I hope you are ready for this one... because this quick laksa is truly an intense flavour bomb – but in all the best ways. Read more...

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